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Originally Posted by Metallus
For LucasArts to focus on making one type of game or another, they'll have to start making games, period.
Agreed and LucasArts has started on that path though it sounds like it may be the reverse of how it worked back in LA's heady adventure game making days, with LA making games for its own IP and publishing other developer's IP. Also you didn't mention well-loved LA-developed titles like Dark Forces, Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, and Republic Commando.

Since Jim Ward took over he got GL to buy into his business plan to ramp up LA's development staff so LA can make more games on their own. The Force Unleashed and the new Indiana Jones game are both being internally developed at LucasArts. I've also heard that LucasArts has a development team dedicated to producing new IP games. Time will tell how things turn out but I don't think there is any question that LucasArts will be doing more actual game development than they have in the past several years.
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