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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
But the placebo affect has nothing to do with the actual effectiveness of the 'drug'. In general the people who get better while using a placebo would have gotten better had they done nothing.
Given a fixed length of time in which changes in symptoms are studied, placebo decreases symptoms. Of course a doctor would use whatever is the best choice of medication, that's not my point.
Originally Posted by ET Warrior
It is also not irrational that placebos do have a percentage of effectiveness, simply because some people do get better, and it is known that a persons state of mind can have an effect on their health.
Thank you, that's what I was looking for. The irrational belief here then is not intrinsically worthless is it?

And a step farther... if there is no other known medical option, is it moral to take away someone's belief in a placebo just because it is an irrational belief?
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