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Originally Posted by Davinq
Davinq was already at the park when all of this occured. In fact, he had snuck up a tree and watched as Mission played through lvl 14 of brick attack on her phone, kindly admiring her skills.

Then Poopdog showed up. And instantly, Dav discovered his target's weakness; dogs!

He jumped from the tree, landing Spider-Man-style, right in front of the bench. Hoping to come up behind Mission without her noticing, he began to creep forward. That is, until Poopdog looked up.

"Aw sh!t," Davinq muttered to himself.

Ave Mission turned around, surprise on her face.

"Hey, I recognize you! Weren't you, er... whatsisface, Revan, renamed... wait for it... oh, you were Davinq after that! And we took Malak down in the end and then you disappeared... what are you doing here?"

"I uh... uh. Well, I was sent to find you for a bounty, but I didn't know the Twi'Lek in question was the Mission Vao! Since you're so clearly a good guy, er, gal, the only people that would want you are *gulp* evil! Something just isn't right here..."


There is a guy in my clan who should have Aw~Sh!t as his name since our lan tags r "Aw"!!!!!!!!!!

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