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Figments that are a pain to get...

I'm going through the game on a PC for about the 7th time and found there are two figments that were extremely difficult to get.
One was in the Waterloo World. Hanging in the air between the house with the two trampolines on it and the cork across the water from this same house is a green figment (edited to add that it's a green flying bird figment) that I just couldn't get. I couldn't get it by jumping from the upper trampoline, or floating up in the chimney smoke and trying to PSI Float down to it. I also tried jumping from the cork side but still came up too short.
I finally figured out that if I stood on the bottom right piece of wood holding the upper trampoline tarp, I could turn Levitation on, bounce up and PSI Float perfectly to get this one last figment.
Is there an easier way to get this figment?

The other figment is a blue bunny along the Tunnel of Love roller coaster. It's just before you enter the first tunnel. The difficult part is that the figment is off to the right of the rail, not above it like all the others. I tried jumping off the rail and into the figment but Raz just jumps up and then back down to the rail. I couldn't get him to jump sideways off the rail to get the figment. I also tried slowing him down to a crawl but this didn't help. He still wouldn't jump off the rail.
I finally ended up turning invisible and jumping on the knife-throwing bunny's platform at the beginning of the ride (it's off to the left as you start the ride down). I punched him and then turned invisible again, turned on Levitation and bounced up (very important) and waited until the very last second and switched to PSI Float. I was able to float down and into this one freakin' blue bunny figment. Of course, it cost me a life because after that there's nowhere to go but down to your death. But it gave me all the figments and put me at level 100.
I thought I could get Raz to lean to the right as he went past the figment but it would seem he's programmed to lean into whatever curve he's on so that idea was a bust.
Is there an easier way to get this figment?

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