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CSI exhaled and started unveiling his past...

That was about 25 years before Mandalorian Wars. CSI woke up in a breeze. He put on his Jedi Master Robe, and walked to the Initiate Training Chamber. On the way there, CSI was greeted by many fellow Jedi—he was a famed Jedi Warrior Master and Jedi Gate Master. In the chamber, he saw Jedi Younglins, who shout in a row: “Good Morning, Master CSI!” “Good morning, Younglins. So I think your master overslept again?” Suddenly, he felt a killing intent, and a green bladed lightsaber was slashing towards him. “Ah, sneaking on people, not good!” CSI smiled and ignited his blue lightsaber. “Good morning, Master Mutukai.” Two lightsabers locked together. “Hehehe, not bad, Master CSI. I can see your skills improved since last time we met.” Then he retracted his blade.

CSI retracted his blade, too, and bowed to Master Mutukai, the Twi’Lek Initiate Training Master, “Good morning for you too, so let’s start our routine sparring?”

“Are you ready?” He didn’t use his lightsaber, instead, he grabbed two training Lightsabers and tossed one to me.

“As always.” CSI caught the blade and the two fought on.


This situation had continued for 2 years, until Master Mutukai was dispatched onto a mission, and was killed by Sith. Before he died, he told CSI via the Force: ::CSI, be a Jedi Initiate Training Master. And take my daughter as your padawan. I know you won’t let me down. Farewell, CSI.:: Then he felt Mutukai’s presence vanished…

The next day, CSI went to Mutukai’s quarter, and found a small Twi’Lek baby in a small bed. That must be Mutukai’s daughter. I’ll name her Toent Bekunn. Mutukai, I promise you, I won’t let you down.


After 15 years, Toent Bekunn sworn oath and became CSI’s Padawan. After 5 more years, she became a Jedi Knight.

After the knighthood of Toent Bekunn, CSI was summoned by the Jedi Council. When he entered the room, he made a polite bow: “Masters, you summoned me?”

“Yes. We’re sending you to Ryloth and investigate the Sith Activities there.”

“Ok, when should I go?”

“Tomorrow morning, at 0100 hours. So why don’t you prepare yourself?”

“Yes, Masters.” Then he exited the council room.

That night, CSI went to Toent’s quarter, and found Toent was sleeping on her bed. CSI smiled, and left a note near her bed. Then he touched her lekkis as goodbye, and then he boarded the ship to Ryloth.


When he got off the ship, he found there were thousands of Twi’leks swarming in the spaceport. He saw many of them got on to an big transportation ship. But the unusual part is CSI noticed they’re hooked in chains. CSI felt something is wrong. Soon he found a bystander: “What happened?”

That bystander looked surprised: “You don’t know?”

CSI shook his head.

“Ah! That’s called slave trade. People from around the universe use money to exchange for the Twi’Lek slaves.” The bystander explained.

“Slave Trade? Didn’t Republic ban it already?”

“That’s right, but the local authorities has no power over it!”

“Do you know where the slavemaster is?” CSI thought for a while and holding out a 10-credits bill, “And if you can answer me, here it is—10 credits.”

The bystander was happy, and he said: “When you go out of the spaceport, make a left turn, just go straight, you’ll see a big castle-like house, then you’re in the right place.”

“Thank you.” CSI gave him the 10 credits bill.

CSI went to the slavemaster's castle, and shouted: “I, Jedi Master CSI, am here. Let’s sit down and talk.”

After a while, I was taken to a small room. And the droid which took me there told me politely: “Sir, please wait here. My master would be with you shortly.”

CSI waited there for about 10 minutes. Suddenly the poison gas began to come out of the vent. “Damn…” He casted Breath Control, and a blue sphere appeared around him. When he walked out of the door, he found he was in a holding cell. And inside of other holding cells, he found lots of other slaves. They were suffocating, gasping for air. Seeing them suffering, CSI finally gave in his hatred and anger. He ignited his lightsaber and cut the main exit a big hole and began the massacre in Slavemaster’s castle. “Ahhhh!!!!” He knew nothing, and he only can feel the fury. After him there lie many corpses. Finally, he located the Slavemaster. Meanwhile he was shivering in his chair.

“Have mercy!”

“Why should I? Look what you have done to them?” CSI said angrily.

“You can’t struck me down! You’re a Jedi!”
Saying nothing, CSI raised his lightsaber, the lightsaber struck directly into his heart--Thus, CSI is vanished. Darth Nihilus appeared.



On the Ravager.

Darth Nihilus stood on the bridge. The Jedi Exile, Sera Tana, came in with a stern voice, “I’m here, Darth Nihilus.”

“Hello, Jedi.” Darth Nihilus turned to see Sera’s face. “I see my former Apprentice, Visas, was standing in your side. She failed me.”

Sera walked toward Darth Nihilus: “She doesn’t deserve to be your apprentice, Sith. She redeemed herself. And so are you. I sense good in you.”

Darth Nihilus growled: “You Jedi Scum. You WILL die.” And he used Force Suck on her, but he didn’t realiz that the exile was indeed the wound in the Force, and it weakened him during the process. “Fine, Jedi. It is obvious that this contest cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force, but by our skills with a lightsaber.”

Sera turned on her lightsaber, and the duo fought on.

After an intense duel, Exile destroyed Darth Nihilus’s lightsaber. He knelt down. “Strike me down, Exile,” Darth Nihilus laughed, “Prove yourself strong!”

The Exile was standing in front of the kneeled Darth Nihilus, she retracted her blade and replied calmly: “No, I will never strike down a defenseless opponent.”

“That’s why you Jedi scum are weak!” Darth Nihilus shouted.

“No. You’re wrong, Darth Nihilus. Showing mercy to someone and offering help is not an act of weakness—instead, it means you’re strong instead. And I sense you have good inside you. You have not fallen; you are just misdirected by Darth Traya.”

Darth Nihilus knelt there and said nothing. But clearly, his mind was struggling between light and dark.

“You can be redeemed. Although you have done a lot of evil deeds, but I still believe you can be saved.” The Exile said kindly.

Visas, who stood beside the Exile: “Look at me. I feel I’m at peace.”

Darth Nihilus raised his head, and asked the Exile: “Can I still be saved?”

“Yes, you can.” The Exile said, with a little happiness.

“Thank you, my former apprentice, Visas Marr.” Darth Nihilus stood up, and bowed down to the Exile: “Thank you, the Exile. Before you go, I want to show you something.”

He turned around, back to the Exile, and took down his mask slowly and turned to face the Exile and Visas.

“No way! It can’t be…” The Exile widened his eyes to see such a drastic change.

His face skin was healing rapidly, no more scars, no more corruption. It’s just peace. And his eyes are no longer glowing yellow. Instead, they’re glowing white.

“Yes…I can no longer feel the hunger…Yes…It’s what I wanted to be!” Darth Nihilus said happily, “And I’m no longer Darth Nihilus. My name is…CSI!”

Mandalore reported: “Sirs! I hate to interrupt such reunion, but this ship is going down!”

“Let’s hurry!” The Exile smiled and waved to CSI, “It’s nice to have you along with us!”


After the War on Telos, CSI returned to Ryloth, and continued his self-imposed exile. During the exile, CSI went to the future, and met Aurora and Arion.

Then the remaining story, you already know that, Aurora and Arion.

Then CSI stood up, "My story may not be good, but it's true."

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