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Chapter 1: The Shock

Von Made ran into the High Council Room. He was disappointed to see only Jedi Master Coleman Kcaj there.

“Master Kcaj,” Von said. “Anakin Skywalker and a legion of clones are invading the Temple.”

“This is unexpected but I sense it is true,” Coleman said surprised. “We must try to repel the attack force.”

Von nodded and wondered why Master Kcaj’s species were normally adept. Then he shook the thought out of his head and followed Coleman out the door.

As they reached the entrance to the temple they were shocked at what they saw. Pillars were blown down with clones everywhere.

Coleman looked at Von, “Von you need to secure the library help the jedi there. I will secure the Training room to protect the young ones.”

“Yes master,” Von said. Then he ran off to the library.

As he entered the library he annoyed the dead bodies of fellow jedi around him and started to clear out clones. He then saw Jocasta Nu, the temple’s librarian. He ran over to her.

“Von, why are you here.” She asked.

“Master Coleman told me to secure the library.”

Von saw Jocasta start to respond when an explosion shook the bookcases behind them. Von turned his long dark hair swinging as he did. He saw Anakin Skywalker walking up behind them. Jocasta and Von activated their lightsabers.

Anakin laughed at there attempt to worry him. “You jedi are weak,” he said finally.

“Believe what you wish, Skywalker,” Von sneered.

“I am no longer Skywalker,” Anakin told them. “But Darth Vader.”

“So you have turned to the dark side, for what reason?” Jocasta asked him.

“To bring real peace to the galaxy, through the galactic empire,” Vader told her.

“Then you really have fallen,” Von said.

“No, I have risen not fallen.”

“W-What do you mean?” Von asked.

“The jedi are evil, not the sith, they have all ready fallen, but I have risen,” Vader told him. “Join me and you will rise also.”

“Never” Von shouted.

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