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Chapter 2: The Duel

Von hit Anakin’s saber then quickly flipped back onto a ledge.

“You’re a coward,” Anakin sneered.

“No, I have a special rank one that you’ve probably never heard of.” Von said.

“What?” Anakin asked.

“A jedi sniper,” Jocasta Nu interfered.

“What do they do?” Anakin asked.

“This,” Von told him as he threw his lightsaber. Sadly it missed only cutting a small part of Vader’s torso. Vader grimaced but jumped after Von as though nothing happened. Von parried to the side, then threw his saber to Jocasta. She took it then ignited hers a second later.

As Jocasta fought Vader, Von grabbed his comlink. As quickly as he could he contacted the Jedi Brutes.

“Yes?” A jedi brute, Wom Farn, answered.

“This is Von Made, a jedi sniper; an invasion is taking place,”

“By who, the Separatists?” Won asked.

“No, a jedi council member, named Anakin Skywalker. And a lot of clones he brought along.”

“Where is he?”

“The library, get down here,”

“Right away,” The brute switched off his comlink.

Von turned back to the fight and signaled to Jocasta. She nodded and tossed him his lightsaber. Von took it but nearly dropped it. It was covered in sweat. Von grimaced but jumped over Vader swinging his lightsaber in a long arc, slashing his shoulder. Vader let out a small yelp but quickly recovered. Then the brute came in, the door shattered as though it was a toothpick in the way. Vader stared at him. Von smiled at the brute’s dramatic entrance. With Wom on there side this should be easy. Sadly Von’s good mood ended a few seconds later. An explosion went off from a hidden detpack beside Wom killing him. Von and Jocasta would have to do this themselves.

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