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Chapter 3: The 3 Losers

Vader turned back to Von and Jocasta; his eyes were now bloodshot red. Von Made stood ready to block any attack thrown at him by Vader. But it turned out Vader was not going to attack him. Vader then summand the power of the force to pushed Jocasta across the room, slamming her body against the wall. Von stared at Jocasta’s crippled body in fury. He used the force to summon her lightsaber to his hand. Then he turned to Vader.

Von pulled his arms back- preparing for his attack – and the sabers fly out of his hands.
Vader grinned as he used the force to pull Jocasta’s unconscious body to him. The sabers then stabbed into her body killing her. As unlucky as Von already was, by the time Vader let go of Jocasta’s body, Coleman Kcaj came into the library.

“Von, what have you done?” He said in horror.

“I-” Von started in protest.

Coleman moved his attention to Vader.

“You have lost, Skywalker,” Coleman told him. “All of your troops have been dealt with. You are the last invader.”

Vader nodded. “But we will return, Coleman Kcaj, we will return,” With that there was a blur and Vader was gone.

“Now, Von the Remaining Council Members shall see you soon.” Then Coleman turned to a jedi knight behind him. “You, please send a message to all jedi and tell them to return to the temple. Without using there Jedi Starfighter, it’s too dangerous.”

“Yes Master Kcaj.” Then the knight ran off.

2 days later:

“What happened in that Library, Von?” The jedi council member, Plo Koon asked.

“I cleared the clones out of the room, and then I started talking to Jocasta.” Von told them. “Then Vader came in…” The story continued till Stass Allie interrupted.

“Vader pushed her against the wall?” Stass asked him.


“Then what did you do?”

“I got angry and pulled Jocasta’s lightsaber to me, and then I threw them. Vader simply slowed them and pulled Jocasta’s body to him letting the saber go through her. Next, Coleman came in.”

“Attacked through anger you say.” Yoda repeated calmly.

Von sighed. “Yes,”

“Then exiled you should be,” Yoda pointed out.

Obi-Wan looked at Master Yoda in shock. “In my respect Master, Did he not save the temple?”

“That he did.” Yoda said nodding.

“Then why exile him?” Obi-Wan asked.

“Need him no longer do we,”

“Then,” Obi-Wan hesitated. “I will take him as my new padawan learner.”

Von stared at him in surprise. He had never had a master due to his great skill in throwing a lightsaber he had immediately become a sniper though he did not have much knowledge in the force.

Yoda seemed surprised to. “Agree I do not in this; make it a vote we shall.”

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