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Chapter 5: The Council Duel

“Where is Padme?” Vader asked again.

Still there was no answer. “Very well,” Vader said.

He twisted his lightsaber up at Von Made only for it to be blocked by Obi-Wan. There was a pause.

Then Yoda looked at the other figure and asked, “Sidious are you?”

The figure pulled back his hood showing a strange version of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Yoda stared at him in surprise.

Palpatine nodded. “Yes, I am Sidious under your nose the whole time.

Other Jedi Members activated there sabers, though Stass Allie still hadn’t ignited hers. Then Vader twisted back and punched Obi-Wan in the stomach, making him fall. Ki-Adi-Mundi pushed Vader with the force making him stumble, distracting him as Obi-Wan leapt back up. Sidious entered the fight as he threw up his lightsaber. He jumped up and grabbed it landing behind all the jedi. Sidious jerked back his lightsaber stabbing it into Shaak Ti’s back.

Sidious laughed. “One down,” he said out loud.

Von felt anger grip his mind as he saw Master Ti’s body. Then he shoved it off, jedi do not get angry he thought. Then he saw Sidious nod to Vader. Von felt Vader summon the force and turn to Master Allie.

“Watch out,” Von yelled at Allie. But it was too late, the force was unleashed from Vader pushing Allie out of one of the windows and sending her to her death. Von heard Sidious mutter “That’s two.” Now Coleman had his saber ignited and was fighting Darth Sidious. Obi-Wan was fighting Vader along with Yoda, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Plo Koon. Von ran over to Sidious and started to help Mater Kcaj. Vader reached out to the force again and pulled Von to the ground, still fighting the other jedi. Von watched the fight between Kcaj and Sidious hopelessly as Kcaj was slowly losing. Then Sidious beheaded Master Kcaj as he was moving in for attack.

Von stared in horror as Coleman Kcaj was beheaded. Von leapt up and started fighting Sidious, anger running through his mind. Obi-Wan nudged him with the force and Von let the anger go away. It had almost triumphed. But he had to do it, his saber moved slowly to him as it stabbed Sidious in the heart. Von pulled it out letting the body fall to the ground. All of that seemed slow, then it speed up. Vader kicked Obi-Wan in the shin making him fall. He slashed Master Mundi’s leg making him join Obi-Wan on the ground. Seconds later Master Koon joined them both. Then Vader pushed Von out of the council. Von flew through the window and started to fall.

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