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Chapter 6: The Dealings

Von fell through the air before he managed to grab on to a small ledge attached to the temple spire. He looked up to see Vader standing far above him, watching. Von summoned the force, as much as he could that was around him. Then he jumped. He jumped higher than Master Yoda ever had. He flew past Vader and threw his lightsaber at him. Vader caught the saber with the force and pulled it in to him. Von gulped, it didn’t look like he had much of a chance of living this battle. But suddenly Vader twitched dropping his saber. Von pulled it back to him and jumped again in the air landing back in the council room. He sighed in relief. Then he turned back facing Vader.

“Padme…” Vader moaned. Then he collapsed.

Yoda met Obi-Wan’s eye. “Wonder I do, what happened.”

“It seems, Vader felt his children’s force presence.” Obi-Wan told the old master.

“Strange this is, hidden they are. Have to be close they would be.”

Von interrupted. “Maybe they…left the hiding spot,”

“I agree with Von, they must have disobeyed us.” Ki-Adi-Mundi agreed.

“Enough of this for now, we have the council to deal with, many have died.” Plo Koon told them.

“Yes,” Master Yoda agreed. “Only 4 members left there are.”

“I have some Ideas,” Obi-Wan said.

2 hours later

Obi-Wan entered the room with jedi he had gathered for the candidates of the council. Yoda inspected them carefully. They were Kai Hudorra, Cin Drallig, Quinlan Vos, Voolvif Monn, Tholme, Roan Shryne, Fy-Tor-Ana, and Garen Muln. All Jedi Masters who had been important to the Clone Wars.

“Interesting Candidates brought us you have, Master Kenobi.” Yoda commented.

“Very interesting indeed,” Master Koon said eying Vos.

“Master Kenobi, dismiss them you may for us to decide.”

Obi-Wan bowed and turned to them.
“I know, I know, I heard them,” Quinlan Vos said turning before Obi-Wan could say anything. The others followed him out.

“Well?” Obi-Wan asked the council.

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