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Obi-Wan was still confused about the disappearance Quinlan Vos. He sighed, Quinlan always had strange ideas, and it was probably nothing. Obi-Wan walked into his quarters and sat down on his small cot. Then he noticed his message receiver was blinking. Obi-Wan reached up and pushed a button that allowed the message to be replayed. He stared in surprise at the person who appeared. It was Owen.

The ship was flying toward the jedi temple just as Obi-Wan arrived. He had visited his brother Owen before but that had been back when they were both around 17, a lot had changed since then. On the hologram Owen had looked just like Obi-Wan, which was not a surprise considering they were twins. What surprised Obi-Wan was that Owen had gotten married, not only that had a child. Had Owen had not have been with there Grandfather at the time Obi-Wan was taken to the temple both of them would have become jedi. Obi-Wan was still lost in thought when the ship landed.

Yoda had been in the jedi library seeking information to see if the horrible battle of Order 66 had ever been foreseen for hours. Now shockingly he found it had. On the mission to Haruun Kal, Mace Windu had seen a vision of a place which at first he thought has the temple, but denied it because of the smell of fire. Mace had never mentioned it to him. His datapad also stated that another part of the vision he had seen Coruscant being attacked and bombarded by ships of impossible design. Yoda shut down his console in Confusion. What did this mean? He would have to find out.

The End

Note: A sequel is up. find it here

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