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Aurora nodded, once, and stuck the comm earpiece into her ear. "See you on the other side. Be careful," she said, and headed into the Temple.

Arion attached his earpiece, and followed CSI up to the rooftop with his rifle in hand.

* * *

Aurora extended her senses in a wide sweep of the areas she passed through, searching for other Jedi who might still be in the Temple. There, got one, she thought to herself, as she sensed a presence in one of the meditation gardens. She walked over to a human Jedi, who rose as she approached. "My name is Aurora Starfire. My apologies for disturbing you, but it's urgent. There's going to be an attack on the Temple, and Master CSI gave me instructions to evacuate it. Can you fly a starfighter?"

The Jedi raised an eyebrow, but replied. "Yes, I can. What do you need?"

"Get to the hangars and prep the ship of your choice for launch. We're going to need to get out of here fast. Do you know where any other Jedi are in the Temple?"

"Yes, most of them are in the dormitories, at this hour. I came out here because I couldn't sleep, and wanted some calm to meditate in. But there's not many of us left," he said sadly.

"Thank you. Please go to the hangars now. As soon as everyone is ready, I'll comm you with our destination."

"Very well," the Jedi said, with a bow. "May the Force be with you." He turned and walked quickly in the direction of the hangars.

* * *

Aurora made her way to the dormitories, where she quickly sought out the remaining Jedi. All in all, there were only ten there, a tiny group compared to the number of Jedi at the Order's peak. The ones who could fly, she sent to prep ships for launch. The others she sent to the Pheonix. The most important part of her mission complete, she next turned to the Archives.

* * *

Once she reached the Archives, she sadly began placing mines at strategic points. Such a tragedy, that it had to come to this, she thought, with a sigh. Before she left, she opened a room in the Archives, sealed to all but Jedi Masters. With extreme care, she placed the holocrons on the shelves into her now-empty backpack, and then resealed the room, and the Archives, as well.

* * *

Back on the Pheonix, she went to CSI's quarters. She hid the holocrons, and then sealed the door.

"Ok, CSI," she said into her comlink. "Everything's clear on this end."

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