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here's what happened: (as objectively as possible...)

1. The hot bar icons were drastically improved.

2. The 1 month learning curve has been dropped to a couple hours.

3. You no longer have to spend a minimum of 3 months to make a jedi (and that was after you knew what you had to do, where everything was, had an alt or a friend with ALOT of cash, had advice and help on doing quests, and ground for a few hours every day untill you got to the village.

4. They streamlined combat so it's point and click more like a fps than a classic mmo.

5. they removed any choices after you select a character class (there were some specialty skills, but there's really no need to worry about them, it's very obvious which ones to get when you're able to get them).

6. They improved JTL by adding targeting brackets, but otherwisw left that part alone.

7. For the few of us (few by mmo population vs wow's population) who learned the much harder and vastly more flexable system, they completly and totally annihilated the reason to play swg and turned it into a wow in starwars world, but with even less options than wow has-yet the bugs continued to far exceed those in other mmo's.

I am very much against the move to the NGE. I wasn't happy with the CU, but after I got used to it, it wasn't as bad as I feared. Compaired to the amount of freedom we had with the origional SWG, I jsut can't get used to the linear progression your character makes now. For peope who never played this the good way, I can see it being a very good mmo. For those who got in wwith enough time to learn the old skill tree system, and now have lost that marvelous system, I'm sorry.

I wish SOE would introduce a new character class to the current NGE that ran ont he old skill tree system rather than the new linear progression. I dont' care if we would be underpowered for pvp, getting back the ability to make choices would be worth the loss in power level.
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