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Alixe paused, a pain in her leg from crawling around the insides of the ship. The pain was actually a souvenir from Hoth, when despite the hated cold she fought, using one of the cannons against the AT ATs rather than snipe at the Imperials, until a little run in left her with most of her leg sliced off and after months of protest had a cybernetic one from the top of the thigh down. Even if it did work fine it bothered her that she was part machine. What bothered her more at the moment however was the lack of success in finding anywhere that might have explosives. Alixe could try playing around where she was but the commando had no desire to kill herself doing so. She needed a guide. Peering down through a grate she was surprised at how far she had gone through the ship, it looked like some type of reactor. Not familiar with the type of ship she was on Alixe wanted to hold off doing any damage, at least until she knew what she was doing. The distance she placed between the prison cells looked to be in her favor, there was only a pair of Stormtroopers on guard, whether that was standered procedure or they were waiting for her she wasn't sure. The problem, for them, was they were facing the wrong way. Carefully lifting up the grate Alixe jumped down, freezing at the sight of a laser turret but relaxed when it was evident it was inactive. Quietly she crept behind the Stormtroopers, raised her rifle and just before it pressed against the head of the first one fired. As his companion reacted Alixe wrapped an arm around his throat, pressing the rifle against his back.
"Where is the armory?" she demanded. She began pushing the Stormtrooper to the edge of the walkway.
"There isn't an armory." In response to this Alixe pulled off the soldier's helmet so he could get a good look at the drop below.
"I am willing to bet your life there is." Alixe pushed the Stormtrooper over the edge, nearly causing him to lose his footing.
"You have to believe me, there's no armory." Alixe thought for a moment, not sure whether to believe him. Either way she wasn't going to find the help she needed this way.
"You are going to get yourself promoted. Get on the comlink and tell your pals you killed the prisoner." With his life litrially in her hands the Stormtrooper did as she said.
"This is RC 14498, the woman's been terminated in the reactor. You can shut down the infernal alarm." Judging by his manner Alixe guessed he wasn't a clone. Well that didn't change much. "I'm not sure if they believed me."
"I will find out." Alixe glanced at the deep chasm she held the Stormtrooper over. "Thank you. I will let you go now." She pulled the trooper back before tossing him over the edge, letting him go as he screamed and watched him fall down to hell, where he would see Palpatine no doubt. "If they believed you, your promotion will be posthumous."
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