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Originally Posted by clonecowcommndo
By the way, I do play BF2. The wookiees are...disappointing
Just the Wookiees? I found the entire Battlefront II to be horrendous. The original was so much better as far as pacing went. You could actually snipe (and lie down PRONE FFS!), but II is like an Unreal Tournament on utter crack. Too fast and unrealistic. I just didnt get a sense of skill achievement. Its just out run out shoot out this and that in a split second. Adding in playable Jedi was a big mistake too. The bonuses were a good idea, but why not make permanent upgrades instead of round based? Ugh!

Im so glad that Pandemic no longer have the license to make another Battlefront. Free Radical Design will be making the next one. About time a company who makes decent FPS games has a stab at the license!
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