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Originally Posted by Vaelastraz
Now was it homeopathic medicine that cured me, or was is just coincidence that it went away at the same time?
I'm not trying to belittle your experiences with homeopathy Vael, and I'm fully aware that this question was rhetorical... but it begs an answer.

The answer is: All the evidence would suggest that it was merely coincidence that your asthma improved. Homeopathy is ludicrous. It really is. It's ludicrous. There is literally NO logical reason to believe that it helped you.

Did you eat ice-cream at all while you were taking homeopathic remedies? If so, you may as well credit your recovery to the ice-cream as to the watery goodness of the homeopathic "treatment".

Originally Posted by Vaelastraz
If there is no regular medicine that works for me, I would not hesitate to try out alternative medicine that sounds somewhat reasonable to me.
Are you suggesting that homeopathy sounds reasonable to you? Things like treating insomnia with unbelievably diluted caffeine sound reasonable? They certainly don't sound reasonable to me.

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