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Need Help: Warning not KotOR related but it is Modding related

Know first that I have the deepest respect for the Holowan community and all the modders who added days of replayability and fun to 2 already great games.

I post here simply because I have been trying to mod another game and have so far failed. Though this game isn't Star Wars related it was also developed so that modding it is nearly impossible.

I simply have a few thoughts I hope the modders here can help me with.

How can I modify a .str file? I know there are programs out there that can help but the file is rather large (1.8 gigs) and I am afraid I do not have enough RAM to accomidate. I have heard of programs that can turn .str files into .ini files so if someone can point me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it.

Thank You

Mod note: Moved to the general games forum since it's not about the KOTOR series. ~M

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