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The game is Hitman Blood Money, and so far I cant find anyone from their forums who has come up with a solution or some sort of unpacker program that can turn this 1.8 gig .str file into something more editable.

That is mainly my reason for coming here because I remember back in the old days how unmoddable KotOR was then a bunch of innovative modders came along and made it work.

I for one dont mind putting in the work to find a way to beat this monster but my knowledge of certain file extensions is rather limited and so far my searches on the .str extension has yielding many different possibilities.

What I know for sure is that the information in this file is somewhat similar to what you might find in a .big file and it needs to be unpacked to be able to get to the goods inside.

p.s: Thanks for moving the thread I wasn't sure where to put this in the first place.

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