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Post Mr. Pokelope stuffed animal

I had very recently a lovely sick day from work, so I was replaying Psychonauts in my spare time. Lately I have been in the "needing to make something" mood, but alas I had nothing to make. That is untill it hit me, I could make a stuffed animal of Mr. pokeylope!! So, an hour and much needle poakage later I had compleated him.

There he is in all of his little Pokelopey glory

And he even stands up too!

Now on the technical side he is needle felted and made compleatly of naturaly dyed wool (and boy you can tell it by the smell.) with the exception of the eyes. He is also about the size of a CD case as shown below.

And later on that day I just coulden't help myself but to do this last picture ....

Mr. Pokelope now calls the top of my DVD rack home.

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