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The main problem about raven's boss fights were that NPCs can't use powers like speed correctly, they're reflexes slow down when they use it (not talking about how you have to use it before them).

Here's some more tips:

Never purposely stand completely still in a saber duel relying on the auto-block, because there's no gurantee you'll block everything, always dodge if you can, but make sure your guard is always up so you can block and dodge simultaniously.

Remember, with duals and staff, you have an advantage vs. single users, your attacks are considered two handed so you parry other people way better (even though single is more versatile hence all the styles)

Bosses can be defeated by roll stabs, even though it's difficult, you have to time your roll perfectly then, as you roll in they'll roll left or right, and you have to turn your mouse and catch them and time it perfectly.

If your stuck in a saber lock you know you can't win, and you have push 3, just push out of it, even bosses will do it to you if they're about to lose. You usually won't push them away but just stall the saber lock and avoid being killed by a saberlock that happens where it starts at the point where your about to lose.

Something I hate about the default singles and duals of the game is that you can't kick (I have a modified single that can kick and has +5 attributes), but you know whats more fun? You can knock people over by jumping on their heads or you can run up and force jump off of them as if they were a wall you were flipping off (does damage too o.O), and you can kick people by cartwheeling them over.

Whenever you really want to push/pull someone over and they keep resisting just use the force power when they jump, or jump over their head and push mid air and usually you'll knock them over.

Whenever your trying to resist force pushes theoretically you can roll and flip out of being pushed (just when your knocked back but not over) if your reflexes are good enough. The bosses flip out of being pushed mid-air if you watch them sometimes.

Just resisting a push with your arm requires you standing still and it helps to have your crosshair on your opponet (NPCs are always locked on to you so that's why they resist so often).

Your auto-blocking is in vain! Only SP source code modification can allow you to block my desann-style attacks without being staggered now!
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