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Jason Walked down the main part of he GE's commercial block. Although the GE would claim they were a army and police service for the independent territories they were in fact little more than a security service. Corporations like the FIC and GMC hired them to defend their colonies, stations and the Hyper lanes connecting them.

This has caused the galaxy to be split into a colour system depending on the level of protection the Galactic Enforcers offer. Green is an area like a planet or station where the GE have a permanent presence in the form of a military base of offices in a station. Yellow is regularly Patrolled areas of space like along the Hyper lanes or outskirts of the system. A red Zone is an area that is classed as unclaimed and where the GE have no legal rights, however if a ship sends a distress call the GE will send ships to aid. A black Zone is an area which has been legally claimed by people who do not recognise the GE, these are normally controlled by pirate or other criminal groups.

The G.E also regulate most of the Bounties, Mercenaries and Freelance ships within the Independent territories and will Extradite criminals of the empires back to sovereign space.

Jason was the captain of a Galactic Enforcer registered freelance ship, to be on the Lists was not difficult and the best way for a Freelancer to make money(legally). Fortunately for Shining Spear had managed to gain a reputation for having a good crew and getting the job done, so now Jason didn’t need to go and get the jobs as the GE will contact him.

Jason continued to walk down the corridor offices pass the bounty registry office, the freighter escort hire, the civilian protection hire, etc. until he reached the Freelance Missions office. He walked in to the office and over to the sectary, she looked up at him and smiled.

“Ah, Mr Nasai we heard you arrived.” She greeted. “Please go in Mr Jakes is waiting for you.”

Jason just smiled back and nodded as walked across the room to thee door labelled ‘Mr Jakes’, He stepped in where a tall middle aged man sat on a desk doing some kind of paper work. The man looked up and a huge smile came across his face on seeing Jason.

“Hey Jay Jay.” Jason said walking over to a chair in front of the desk and sitting down.

“Hello Jason.” The man greeted standing up and walking over to a mini bar and pouring to drinks into short glasses.” I’ve been told you delivered the goods and you ran into some trouble.”

Mr jakes walked over to Jason carrying the two drinks and handed one over to him, Jason took it and looked into the glass. “Yeah, We lost Kane.” he then drank it all in one go.

“No.” Mr Jakes said in shock as he walked back round his desk and sat in his chair. “He was good man.”

“You’re telling me.” Jason replied. “Anyway I’m going to take his body back to Nirvana.”

“O.K then, I had a mission set aside for you, but I’ll give it o someone else.” Jakes explained.” and I’ll make sure his family get the GE hazard pay. Of course well pay for any damages to your ship and I transferred your fee when I heard you arrive.”

“Thanks, jakes.”

“So hows your lovely wife holding up?” Jakes asked.

“She knows how to control emotions, she’s acting strong but I’m getting the feeling she’s really upset by Tee’s death.”

“And you?”

“The same.” Jason replied standing up and putting the short glass onto the table in front of him. “well I better get back to the ship, you guys act quick so I’m sure they’ll almost finish the repairs.”

Jason got back to the ship and began to check over the repair job Phoenix and the GE repairers did when grace walked up behind him.

"Food supplies are fully restocked," she told Jason. "Now we're just waiting for Ciyagi and Cassie to get back."

“That’s fine.” Jason replied reaching down to grab one of the things she was carrying. “C’monlet’s put this stuff in the galley.”
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