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All the info I have on the subject is in the kse-readme.txt
Originally Posted by kse-readme.txt
Manually specifying the game installation path (Xbox users take heed)
You can manually specify the installation path for KotOR or TSL by right clicking
the node that says "Knights of the Old Republic" or "The Sith Lords". A popup
menu will appear next to your cursor. Choose 'Change Installation Path' and you
will be prompted to browse for the installation folder. The tree will be updated
automatically if savegames are found. Note that KSE expects the following files and
file structure:

\saves\(various save folders)\savegame.sav
\saves\(various save folders)\savenfo.res
\saves\(various save folders)\globalvars.res
\saves\(various save folders)\partytable.res
\texturepacks\swpc_tex_gui.erf [OPTIONAL - for item/spell/portrait picture display]
\override\(.2da files or .uti files) [OPTIONAL]

(As of v3.3.3, the chitin.key and various .bif files are not required)
Note: Make sure you're specifying the mock installation folder when you tell KSE where you've "installed" TSL, not the "saves" folder.

Also, the savegame.sav file should be in \saves\somefoldername
There shouldn't be any other subfolders. What exactly is your directory structure that you're using? (If you're familiar with using a command prompt... from your mock installation folder you could do a "dir /s *.* > myfiles.txt" command and post the contents -- that would be quite helpful.)
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