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The All New Ultrafly Psychonauts RPG!

It's been awhile since we've RP'd Psychonauts style, SO HERE WE GOOOO!!

The premise shall be a few years before everyone in the game showed up. No Lili, No Raz, No Elton, they were all still babies. The counslers arn't even there yet. The only same characters are Fred and the Thorney Towers gang, but they're over at TT. So, make ups are needed for Counslers & Campers

1. No god mod.
2. Max of 3 counslers
3. Romances are allowed, and The entire camp is eligable to be viewed. Upon reaching page 20 or a point where everyone has devoloped and the story is getting started, We can go to Thorney Towers & other areas beyond the lake.
4. Older Brothers/Sisters of game characters would be so cool!
5. Please keep it real worldish with the exception of psychicness. No robots, no dragons, no weird aliens. (Colored skin is allowed though)
6. Plz inform me if quitting
7. Before we start, we can pool our ideas for a story.
8. Keep camper ages between 13-15, Counsler ages between 25-45.

Plz follow this character profile.
Name-Elektra Phage
Hair-Black, wavy & Down to middle of back.
Eyes- Blue
clothing-Black polka dotted dress over a t-shirt and jeans, pink chucks & ankle socks. She has on a white plastic pearl necklace & a big stack of silver bangles on each arm.
Personality-Funny and intelectual, but can also be very snappy, emotional, and opininated.
Cool Stuffz-Milka's older sister. Has an extreme talent in telekenisis, can go an extremely longer range than most psychics.

Ok, we'll start when there's enough campers & counslers.
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