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CSI thought for a while, while sitting in the Younglings' quarter. Watching they snoring, CSI felt he had responsibility that he must take of them. Now he must locate the Rogue Padawan which emits the Dark Side aura. He knows that if he doesn't locate them as soon as possible, then he would corrupt more and more Jedi.

Sat down and he began to meditate. He searched the feelings, and he felt a strong dark side figure and a strong light side figure in the adjacent room. Aurora and the Sith. May the Force Be with You, Aurora.

He turned away and continued to search his feelings. In distance, he saw a slight red figure. "Bingo," he stood up and used Force Sight to search him. Thank the Force, he located the Padawan with ease.

"Let's sit down and talk, peacefully. I don't want this beautiful ship scarred." CSI said to the padawan, with his eyes closed.

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