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The padawan simply laughed, the Hibernation trance had obivouslly failed "It's too late. He's gone, Nihilus.". His skin started to cut and he began to bleed. "When you frooze the metal, like all liquids, it expanded, right inside his viens. You killed him. But his death will not be in vein. In the kid's datapad I have located a small vault located one of Coruscants moon which will give all the details of the Exile's base, their location and blue prints. Use them to destroy Traya or I will do this, one by one to your padawans. I am the puppetmaster, there's no way for you to beat me. Unless you kill Traya" The kid laughed as he bleed to death. There was nothing CSI could do but check out the datapad.

((A bit grusome I know but it's important that he dies or else CSI would have to fight her))

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