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(By the way, Tekla's not the mechanic if you would like to fix that Star. Tekla is the gunner!)

"Sure, just don't take too long it's a long way to Nirvana and i want to be their A-sap."

He started walking to the hangar door to the bar. "Great not much time left to get a drink to settle down a little." He walked into the bar and took a seat at the counter. "Just a Spritz today(form of Sprite). I'm not feeling all that great." The man handed him a mug filled with fountain soda the best soda ever made. The carbonated beverage rolled down his throat like something was pricking him lightly.

While the bar was in the back side of the hallway where nobody walked past, the place was considerably big and packed most of the time, like it was at the time he was at the moment.

As Tekla filled his mouth with the last of the Spritz in the mug somebody tapped his shoulder, so he turned around to be punched across the cheek, making the soda fly all over the counter-top, with Tekla on top. He grabbed his cheek as he came up to see the man running through the aisle of people moving out of his way. "Who the...." He started running after the guy into the hallway where he noticed him running in the direction of the hangar the Shining Spear was located.

He rounded the corner to see the hallway filled with people bumping into each other, as they walked past each other. "Man.....he's going to get it.....whoever that was." He walked into the hangar holding his cheekbone. He walked up the ramp, and walked into the bridge taking a seat in one of the passenger seats and started thinking who that could have been.
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