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"I'm sorry, Arion, he's gone." CSI knelt down and slowly touched the dead padawan's eye, and murmured: "Rest in peace, my padawan."

Then he stood up, and said in the Force to Darth Ba'al: "No...I'm not going to kill the Darth Trayus, at least not yet. We're Jedi, not a toy of Sith. And I swear, by the name of the Force, before I deal with Darth Trayus, I will deal with you first. Consider this a forewarning." Then he casted Force Area Immunity, a new power that is exactly same as Force Immunity, but it has area effect. Also, he casted Force Meld.

Then he whispered to the intercom: "My friends, the time is here. Execute Order 57, Codenamed Operation: Rainbow."


Toent heart CSI's voice, and said to the intercom: "Roger that. Execute Order 57." Then she ran to the Youngling's quarter, woke them up, and said, "I'm sorry my younglings that I have to woke you up at this time, but we have to go now. And the timer is going to detonate in...5 minutes!"

Then she ran to another ship with all younglings. Aboarded the other transporter, Toent said into the Intercom: "CSI, everything is ready!"


CSI said: "Good job Toent. Now go into Hyperspace Jump [It's not a traditional Hyperdrive. It opens a wormhole, and open an exit in another dimension. Unless you have same equipment with us, that's almost impossible to trace]. And you know the destination."


Toent nodded: "Yes, CSI. Do you promise me you would see me there?"


CSI smiled and replied: "Yes, Toent. I promise you. May the Force be with you." Then he saw a blue rectangle appeared before Toent's ship, and it slowly entered the worm hole, and the wormhole shrinked into a dot, and vanished.

"Now, Arion, let's go! The temple is going to self-destruct in 1 minute!" CSI shouted.

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