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ok l spent a long 30 minutes trying to keep up l think l need to keep up to date anyway lm back because l finished the game so lm back oh yeah please dont sware is just if my mum or dad sees me on this place and theres people swarring they wont let me go back on and l wont be very happy so please resist the erge thank-you. Oh yeah Aap you blew up darth vader on coruscant with the emporour so you just bassically repeated the same thing ok.

Imperial: Today l had the sith lord get really angry at me l just hate there kind wanting to get everything

Imperial: I agree there always so angry why cant they just be peaceful

Imperial: Because there sith

Imperial: Oh yeah your right

Imperial: I think we should bring order to this

Imperial: We shall make a free peoples army

Imperial: Yeah it should be the best one ever

Imperial: Its time we cannot sit back and let the sith scream in our faces we must act

Imperial: Yeah right now and today we shall do this

Imperial: Affirmitive

*They managed to nearly pursuade all of the imperials and all the stormtroopers followed on and they were happy about it to*

Imperial: Now all stormtroopers do not listen to all sith lords understand

Stormtroopers: YES SIR

Imperial: Good we shall strike korriban thats is were the sith are we shall go there understood

*Several transports prepare to leave to korriban to destroy the sith there*

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