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Yeah the bards , hahahahaha ... I think the fun stuff saved Fable .
I rember when I was just out the academy of heroes , I spended all my money on a big sword .

The weapon was way to heavy for my character so he dragged it behind him and was very slow in combat , hilarious .

THat's why I got a bit dissapointed in Fable , lots of fun , but way to short as I said before . Another point is that you could ignore enemeys , you can do some sort of dodge forward roll with your character .

One day I saw my brother play the game , he just kept rolling , by passing all enemys and voila first part of the quest succesfull .

Really in the last levels where you have to chase the badguy , just roll around like a maniac and jump in those portals ! THat really shortened the game and well ... made it not so good afterall .

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