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Darth Blaze to Imperial that turned against the sith through Intercom: Why are these transports leaving the ship.

Imperial: Well.... The outpost on eh.. Manaan needed some unexpected supply's

Darth Blaze: ehh.. right...

Darth Blaze thoughts: I smell betrayal here. I don't know what but the imperial on the intercom sounded very unconfortable talking to me. I better go to Korriban to warn my master and the other Lords.

Darth Blaze got in his ship and hyperspaced to Korriban. Once he arrived there he went to the main chamber of the recently established Sith Palace.

Sith Lord: No apprentices allowed in the palace without permission.

Darth Blaze: I'm the Dark Lord's apprentice you fool!!

Sith Lord: Ow sorry about that. Strict orders from Lord Aap. You can enter.

Darth Blaze: Master, I came to warn you. Someone or something is betraying us within the empire.

Darth Aap: Yes, that explains the transport ships that are appearing on the radar.

Darth Blaze: What do you mean.

Darth Aap: Looks like were about to be attacked. The next transport should be here in 2 days and it should be 1, not 40. Ah well, let them come. I've got hunderds of Sith Lords here who can only obey us. What do they think they can do! Shoot us?! heh heh heh.


By the way daniel, you liked KOTOR 2?
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