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Originally Posted by Joshi
I doubt it, Beta-max videos aren't exactly worth a lot these days, and they were superior to VHS. I don't see the losing format here being any different.

As for region codes, those were put in place so the movie industry could release DVD's at different times in different regions and it'd be more difficult for someone to, say, import a DVD from The States and watch it on their DVD player at home, before it was officially released there (if you're watching a movie at home while it's out in the cinema, they're losing vast amounts of money). They had almost the exact same process in place for Videos (PAL and NTSC).

I wouldn't be at all surprised if this stayed in place for Blu-ray/HD-DVD, even though more DVD's these days are being released around the world simultaneously (due to simultaneous cinema releases) getting them shipped from the States is actually cheaper than buying them in, say, the UK (UK DVD's tend to retail at roughly twice the value of US DVD's, largely because of currency conversion, and largely because we have a stupidly expensive economy, but that's all politics, fact is, even with shipping you're making a saving).

I'd say region codes are here to stay.
I know why region codes are around, I just don't like them...

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