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(((OOC: OK, guys, I finally got around to coming back and checking out this RP again. I probably should have let you know several weeks ago - so thanks for taking over my character - but I'm officially leaving this RP. I just don't really have the time to try and keep up with it, and this is my first post in all of LF since several months ago.... (last year, maybe?).....

I'm not quitting LF, just this RP, and probably won't be at LF for a while until I get back into posting. I might even come back near the end of this RP, just don't count on it. So for now, goodbye....

HOWEVER, if you guys do start a "number III", please let me know. By that time I should be there for the rest of this RP series. Thanks for taking on my character while I was going, Jasra - and Doc - and whoever.)))
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