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"Well maybe someone on the other end will know how to take this ship apart." Alixe had found a comms station and was trying to patch a call through to the Rebels, see if someone knew the specs of the ship she was on.
"Halt!" Alixe turned and fired at the sound of the voice, assuming anyone on board to be hostile, choosing to fire rapidly rathar than the slower, argueably more accurate shots that were common. She saw that she got both of the Stormtroopers as a Rebel frequancy was found.
"White Lion here, need some help from someone who knows how to sabotage the ship. Cannot find explosives."
"Can't you find an armory on board?" the officer replied.
"I searched and interrogated one of the people on board. There is no armory." As she waited Alixe looked at the two Stormtroopers she just killed, one of them looking odd. Her face screwed up, not liking it one bit. It was smaller, the armor didn't fit like a normal Stormtrooper did. Listening for a reply from the Rebels Alixe went over to check on the corpse, feeling that there was definetly something wrong. Having a feeling she knew what it was she pulled off the helmet, before jumping back and hissing a curse word. "What the hell is that?" The woman she had shot dead was thirty years younger but was almost an exact clone of Alixe.
How? There was no way it could have happened. Unless... She thought back to Hoth when she was nearly killed, her leg being cleved off. Alixe didn't know a lot about cloning, didn't want to, but thought maybe what had happened was her blood was gathered for the process. But why? Alixe was so completely shocked she didn't even notice the blaster bolt as it grazed the side of her head, sending the commando crumbling to the ground.
"White Lion, we have the schematics to the ship you're on." The Rebel officer grew concerned when there was no reply. "White Lion, do you copy?" When there was still nothing heard he patched through a message to be sent to the Rebel fleet. "We've lost communication with White Lion, have a crew mobilised for search and rescue is possible." The officer would keep trying however, the channel was still open so Alixe should report in.
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