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The battle above Korriban rages on as a group of yellow painted Capital ships hyperspaced in.

Okoe: The Consortium still alive??

TJ: Yeah I guess...

Okoe: Ah it doesnt matter. We're with much greater numbers anyway.

Darth Aap: Who the hell are they

Darth Blaze: They are a group of organised thugs calling themselves the Zann Consortium. It was the group that your former enemy Urai was a commander of.

Darth Aap: Whatever... Why do they think they can beat the rebels, a group of former imperials, AND an almost indefeatable group of Sith Lords. What a fools they are.

On that moment a group of Transport Cars destealthed and a large groundforce marched at the Palace.

Darth Aap through Intercom: A group of thugs are trying to attack the palace. Show them why we sith are the strongest race from the galaxy.

Sith Lord Commander: Yes master.

At least 300 Sith Lords rushed out of the temple and started cutting the Con's to pieces.

Consortium Officer: WHAT THE ****!!!! SITH LORDS?!?!?! RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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