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Imperial: Who cares about the rebels lets just go down there to blow up the sith lords

*several transports left to go down to the planets surface but when they opened the door all the troopers died because of the sith*

Imperial talking to another imperial: Whats going on down there

Imperial talking to another imperial: We have lost all troopers

Imperial talking to another imperial: these sith are to strong

Stormtrooper: Sir

Imperial: Yes

Stormtrooper: They fired one of our stardestroyers with hypervelocity gun

Imperial: What this isn't true anyway it wont last long because the sith built it 1000's of years ago it will break

Stormtrooper: It broke and made a large explosion on the surface

Imperial: This is getting out of hand we have the rebels, we have the jedi TJ, we have the jedi, we have the consortiom who decided to stay, we have the sith, man theres heeps of people here we may as well just blow up the planet bring in the death star

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

*the death star hyperspaced into the sytem and begun to orbit the planet and prepare to fire, meanwhile darth aap intercepted the discussion of the imperials and the stormtrooper so he knew whet was going to happen*

Darth Aap: What its time to act get off the planet

Sith lord: We only can remain here because the dark power of this place feeds us and we can not live without

Darth Aap: Your going to get blown up anycase

Sith lord: We have an ancient sith artifact that could drain the force from such places like this would you want to get it?

Darth Aap: Get it quick we need to move

*the sith lord gathered the artifact and brought it to darth aap and he drained the power than all of the sith left the planet reatreting to the planet oderon's forest moon and started the great ritural that was there to bring back the ultimate sith lord*


Alixie stared in shock when she stared at the clone.

Alixie: Hey lm here rebel (saying quietly)

Rebel: Good everyone call of the fleet

Alixie: What call in the fleet

Alixie: Ahh!

Rebel: What..... What heppened

*no answer*

Rebel: Bring in the fleet repeat bring in the fleet

Imperial: We have found the female rebel alixie on transport 1994


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