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The clone looked down at the woman she shot, knowing that Alixe was who she was created from and understanding the wisdom of her creation. The importance she held to the Rebellion, from doing whatever she could in the name of vengence against the Emperor to trying to snipe Grand Moff Tarkin, made it clear that the Rebel terrorists would come after her. Whatever forces were sent would be cut down and the galaxy would be one step closer to being returned to order, something it hadn't been since before the Clone Wars. Dismissing the thoughts the clone checked on Alixe, seeing that despite the blow to the head she was still breathing.
"She may be useful," she mused, her voice clear of the anger that resided in her captor. Feeling a twinge of...concience? She couldn't tell. But she knew she would be much better to question Alixe than having her subjected to whatever torture the Imperials could think up. "Come on." Lifting up Alixe under the arms the clone began to drag her back to the cells.
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