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make the interdictors more useful, nothing to fancy, just extend the range of the anti missile field, and make it able to use its lasers when its got the field engaged.


teams for skirmish (you could put them in GC to but i think they should only be in skirmish)

reason: because its stupid not being able to ally with the 'enemy' opposite sides have done it numerous times in SW. the truce at bakura is the best example i think, and in the game the ZC and rebs team up in the last fight.


give space stations the ability to boost their shields like mon cals.

reason: if it were real id make sure i have that ability. to stop it being to powerful, you could make it so that laser weapons cant fire, say it drawing the power from the lasers. thatway it helps but only in the right tactical situation


ability to decide when you want your fighters and bombers to exit their carrier (emp only of course)

reason: this is a strratergy game, and chuking everything out as n when every isnt very strategic. for instance you may want to keep you bombers in the hanger untill you need them, instead of releasing them as you go to get mopped up by the enemy. i think you should put an extra 2 buttons on the ship speciasl for the carriers, 1 for fighters and 1 for bombers.


giving mines a shield

reason: because its anoying when your upgrading you spacestation and you get rushed by a pair of tie's, x wings or star vipers and they take out a mine. doesnt have to be a strong shield, but enough to hold of a few fighters. once again tacticly it is a bad idea to have you most valuble asset sitting there with no defence what so ever


make nebs more effective against fighters and corvettes less effective

reason: nebs were originaly designed for anti pirate and rebels attacks, at the moment you lucky if you take down 1 fighter in a squad before they bring in bombers. they dont need to be overly powerful but to be atleast competent enough to handle a few fighters


change the tartans firing ability

reason: the tartans have a greta ability but they loose their shields, the problem is with out the ability they are kack. i think that their rate of fire normaly should be stepped up and the special ability fire rate or time decreased. the tartans also have incredibly weak hulls.

ill give you an example, i was attacking an isd with 4 bwings a tartan jumped in and started firing, but i took it out with the b wings, and i only lost half a squad, now that to me is 1 weak anti fighter unit. they didnt use their special ability but even if they hade, the lasers on my b wings would have torn through it before the missiles hit home
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