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''This isn't going too well'' Darth Aap said as he knew Korriban was blow to bits.

Darth Aap: How could I be so blind to forget that it are Imperials that guard the Deathstar. Now countless sith knowlege is lost.

Sith Lord: Our master's tomb is gone, and so is his spirit. The age of the Sith is comming to an end.

Darth Aap: No.. NO!!! I WILL NEVER LET IT COME TO THAT!!!! New plan! First we'll settle at Onderon. I'll send Every available ship, wich are millions thanks to the starforge, to hunt down and destroy any Rebel, Kithoran, Con, Traitor or whoever might oppose us.
Darth Blaze. You are going to the Deatstar. Sneak in stealthy and blow it up.

Darth Blaze: Yes Master

Darth Aap: I'll send the 5 best of the Sith, The Sith masters, to hunt down and exterminate this annoying Jedi kid that keeps showing up. After you killed him, hunt down okoe kithoran.

Sith Master: Yes master.
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