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*on the death star...*

Imperial on holo record: To imperial 102
We have tried to blow up the planet korriban but the dark side protects very well and when we went down there the creatures there tore us limb by limb l am the only one that got out of there and lm currently in orbit and our progress in orbit is doing well there is no more remaining hostiles in orbit but we have lost track of where the sith all went to so as l said currently there is still a Korriban in this galaxy
From Imperial 1998

*darth aap intercepted this message and was happy to know that the planet has not become astroid feild*

Darth Aap: Look this message sith lords tells us that korriban is still contact and they are unable to get to the surface because of the creatures

Sith lord: Well that means theres no point

Darth Aap: What do you mean

Sith lord: These creatures love to chew on the force anything that is within the force they will eat

Darth Aap: Well then why did they go for the stormtroopers then

Sith lord: They can sense it they can sense the the force from far far away

Darth Aap: But that doesnt answer my question

Sith lord: Even the smallest peice of force, they can sense any force that is the reason why they went for the troopers

Darth Aap: But they dont have the force

Sith lord: Were you ever a jedi

*Darth Aap had a vision being on dantoine remembering that he was a jedi all those years ago he remembered hes teachings that have no fear, have no hate. He remembered that there was plenty of jedi then he was there and that was the last enclave there was but then it broke the sith took jedi and he hid and a sith found him and he got pursauded to go to the dark side and he rembered one of the teachings that hes master said "all living things have a flow of the force and nothing has no force" that was the end of his vision*

Darth Aap: That was then this is now

Sith lord: Turning to the dark side has changed forever

Darth Aap turning hes light saber on: You sound like a jedi

Sith lord: Us sith lords grow and become wiser and we always descover new things of the force that we cant share and one thing we have found is that it was a mistake going to the darkside because when you die you can not rest and you will stay in your tomb waiting for a traveler to end you misery

Darth Aap taking away your lightsaber: Well why are you loyal to me then

Sith lord: I am not lm only.... well.... following you in your ways l will kill when you kill l will wait if you wait... we do this in our want not yours

Darth Aap: Ok then follow close

Sith lord: As you wish

Sith lord: I sense something

Darth Aap: What wait l sense it too

Sith lord: Korriban is going theres people there

Darth Aap: Im intercepting a transmision

Imperial on comm: We have finnally made our way onto korriban now where stripping the planet for artifacts then taking it to our vault

Darth Blaze: Hello darth aap

Darth Aap: Darth blaze whats the progress

Darth Blazerogress is not good lm in a cell

Darth Aap: Great oh well you can find your way out

Darth blaze: Understood

Star Wars Galaxie Player:

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Main Character: Venuew Louthmic
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Poffesion: Entertainer
Level: 90
Pilot Level: Advance Fighters skill level
Favourite Armour: Katarn Armour (clone armour)
Owns two pets
High leveled Beast Master
Very Powerful moves
Server: Ahazi
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