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Post Tie Fighter Glitch: Battle 13 Mission 7

For those who aren't too sure...

This is where you defend the Vorknkx Project from Zaarin from swipping the tech for the Nth time...

As far as I can tell.. the sequence of events is supposed to be the following:

1: You start killing fighters...
2: The ISD Glory arrives to kick the tar out of the Frigate on "your" side
3: The Corvette Vorknkx gets stolen / Pair of Shuttles flying to the asteroid base
4: The calvary arrives minus one interdictor crusier.
5: More Rebel/Imp butt kicking continues ^_^ <cue imperial March>

Problem is.... I kill all the fighters... the frigate goes boom... and the glory just sits there.... the shuttles start circle each other in front of the hanger bay in the asteroid. I even toyed with them by shouting orders (shift w then shift h) to see if I could break the loop... nope.. nadda... zip... nothing.

If I go after the Star soon as its shields hit zero... it high tails it out of there and then the interdictor arrives telling me to dock with the Grey Wolf... only to find out that its not there.... even waiting for it dosen't yield anything.

In short... because of this supposed "glitch" I can't get through the mission.

Any suggestions? I didn't find a patch.

This is the windows 9x version of Tie Fighter from the X-wing collectors pack.

Any and all suggestions would be great....

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