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"Exactly. They might think we're with the Exchange or somethin." Dwain commented.

The three companions walked down the only path which led to the TSF station. Passing by the large window overlooking the Citadel Station, as well as the cantina in Entertainment Module 081. At last, they finally came to a halt at the door which marked the TSF. Dwain opened the door, and the group entered some kind of lobby. Up against the wall was a reception desk occupied by a droid.

"Good day! Welcome to the TSF Authority Station. How may I help you?" The droid greeted.

"Yeah, we're here to see Lt. Grenn." said Dwain.

"One moment please... You may enter the door to your right, there you'll find Lt. Grenn. If I may ask, what is your appointment with him?"

"Urm... we're looking for a jedi?" Dwain said idiotically.

"Based upon Observational Anaylsis, I assume you aren't with the Exchange?" the droid concluded.

"Yeah... Wait a second. Are you making fun of me?"
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