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Inside the Deathstar's cellblocks

Rebel: Heh, heh, heh. The emperors apprentice betrayed by his own army.

Darth Blaze: Be carefull what you say next. I can destroy your mind in a matter of seconds.

Rebel: Try me piece of scum.

Darth Blaze: Hey guard. [Force Persuade] overload the rebel's forcecage.

Guard: [Succes] Shure why not.


Darth Blaze: Now open mine

Guard: Ehh ok, why not.

Darth Blaze got out choking the guard. He got to the next room and recovered his stuff. Then he went to the core of the deatstar. It wasn't very hard to get there since Darth Blaze found a stealth generator. He slashed down a stormtrooper and threw his thermal detonators inside the core. They exploded but it was too weak to make a difference.

Darth Blaze: I need bigger explosives here.
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