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EAW CHeats! Use the Eclipse in campaign AND Multiplayer modes.

It's been a closely guarded secret but today Petroglyph can announce to fans of Empire at War: Forces of Corruption that they CAN use the dreaded Eclipse Stardestroyer in either campaign or Multiplayer modes.

To activate it, you need to complete the following in the order below.

Firstly, complete the Rebel Alliance campaign on MEDIUM level.
Secondly, complete the Zann Consortium campaign on EASY level.
Lastly, complete the Imperial Campaign on HARD level.

Once you have completed the following, you can then press the ` key (next to the number one) and a console will appear.

You then type in the following (no caps) what a neat trick
Hit enter and the Imperial March will sound, giving you access to the Eclipse.

I've been spending the best part of today finishing the Rebel campaign and started on the Zann one.

good luck!

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