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Well the game itself was fantastic, and given the amount of multimedia momentum Episode III had going at the time, leaving an open ending was a better idea to roll with at that time, rather than perhaps closing a game off completely.

I dont know about the whole "Fascist Commando" name title. I think Imperial Commando may be more appropriate. The key points we have to consider when talking about a sequel here is how relevant the core content of the story would be in relation to where it would fit into Star Wars. Im not sure if many people would be happy seeing / playing as Deltas cavorting around the galaxy as Jedi killers. Then again; there were some anti Jedi sentiments uttered in Republic Commando (Boss finding the lightsaber anyone?), so its a possibility.

AFAIK, the war is over.. what situation of urgency would call that the recently formed Empire place a crack team of commando units into action, bar eliminating Jedi?

It will be a very difficult task establishing a strong storyline to bring the Deltas back in my opinion, but I would love to see it all happen like the rest of you. Im just unsure where they could take it..

The only ideas that come to mind for me are immediately picking up where you set off in rescuing Sev. Perhaps have options during your missions that you take and will drastically change the outcome of the game. Ala the Jedi Knight games, but with a major plot depth to the game depending on which side you take. For example.. choosing to go into action with a Jedi who takes charge over the squad and may make some foolish choices, giving you more work to do.. and then later having the option of siding with the numerous Jedi or terminating them, upon receiving Order 66. The story could then branch out in numerous ways with you later hunting down Jedi and rogue Clones aiding them, or becoming the rogue clones yourselves and aiding fugitive Jedi to strike against the Empire in various missions.

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