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*in the death star*

*darth blaze was looking for a larger bomb then he heard a alarm sounding*

Darth Blaze: WHAT!

Imperial talking through every speaker in the death star: Attention we are be attacked by by the rebel scum prepare for defense all tie fighter pilots move to the hanger now attention... *he repeats it agian around 4 times*

Darth Blaze: The rebels always have the plans to the death star they will blow it up

Imperial yet again talking: Attention...

Darth Blaze: Not again

Imperial: we have received damage from the inside of death star and it has activated dangerous gas so we need you to activate breath control on your armour and imperials report to the nearest refuge area imediatly imperial out.

Darth Blaze: AAhhhh....... Can't... Breath... it.. is ... Ahhh

Imperial: I fulled that stupid sith that is no core thats a replica if he was near the real one he would be dead and that gas was only there and its sleeping gas stupid sith

Darth Blaze: What happen... GREAT another cell

Darth Blaze: (force pursuade) Open up the door

Gaurd: (failiure) You stupid dark jedi lm an royal gaurd lm force sensitive you cant trick me

Darth Blaze: Great now what

Royal Gaurd: I know how about you sit there and rot in your cell for a while hey thats a good idea

Darth Blaze thoughts: Got get him away maybe l can attract him over to the right then l can contact Darth Aap

Royal Gaurd: What was that

Darth Blaze thoughts: That is not right l didn't even use the force

Royal Gaurd: I think l should... check it out

Darth Blaze thoughts: I wonder what it is

Royal Gaurd while pressing his breath control button: Ahh its an hole those rebels know how to dig into it dont they hey hahahaha... any way ok if you say please l may give you breath

Darth Blaze: Ahh... Cant breath... fine.. please...

* The royal gaurd activates the breath control system for the cells*

Royal Gaurd: There you go

Darth Blaze: Why did you do that?

Royal Gaurd: Im your masters royal gaurd protecter, the imperials forced me here because l am the only one here that can resist the force but lm dark side user

Darth Blaze: Really

Royal Gaurd: Im actully a sith reborn a reborn with dual sabers

Darth Blaze: I know where my master is l can show you

Royal Gaurd: Ok you lead the way

*the royal gaurd deactivates the shield and gives darth blaze a breath control suit*

Darth Blaze: This way

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