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Royal Gaurd: This is the plan of every move the empire is going to take and it simply intercepts nearly every single transmission.

Darth Aap: Nearly?

Royal Gaurd: Well the thing is that l made it and l am not much of a mechanic but l did create it to be set to the position to intercept every transmission that come along even throught secret comm and it can also tamper with the comm system and maybe disable it or something

Darth Aap: How did you create it then?

Royal Gaurd: l stoll it off the imperials they were creating the prototype of the project well guess what l just saw it just sitting on the desk and well l was tempted to complete so whaen l did l didn't know what to do with th rest of it but since l created it l belive l should own so l took off them but l will let you have it but theres only one so be careful with it.

Darth Aap: Our mechanics can get it to its best thanks

Royal Gaurd: No prob

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