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(I'm controlling Lt. Grenn at the moment. You can too if you want to, just so long as you maintain his personality and staying on the certain topic. The same goes for characters who aren't on our crew)

"Wait a minute... I just had an Idea!" Dwain pointed out. "Is this the same Terminal you use to send your Transmissions to Carth?" he asked, obviously on to something.

"Correct, but how does this help our case?" said Grenn in wonder. "Hey, what are you doing?" he snapped at Dwain, accessing Grenn's Transmission History.

"Trust me! I know what I'm doing!" Dwain urged to Grenn. His Computer Skills were rather acceptional at this kind of task.

"Every Transmission comes from a source. And we all know, that every source will tell us the exact whereabouts of our friend is!" Dwain pointed out. Atlast, he succeeded!

"Got him!... That's his signal alright, but its comming from the Planet Below... at the Polar Region!"

"The Polar Region? Ah yes... After the Jedi Exile arrived here during the Sith Attack many months ago, we discovered some kind of Jedi Academy at the Polar Region. But what would the Admiral and Bastila be doing there?"
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