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"Only time will tell as soon as we head to Telos's Surface. Barkeep, give me a hit of Juma. And keep it comming..." The droid Barkeeper walked to Dwain from behind the bench.

"I'm sorry, but due to our past experiences with serving Juma, we need to see some I.D!"

"I.D? Just for a hit of Juma?" Dwain complained to the droid.

"Only Juma requires a form of Identification, other beverages of Alcohol may be served which do not require I.D." the Droid explained.

"What? Don't I look like I'm 14?" Dwain jested.

"Sir, our minimum age is 20. Based on my observational anaylsis, you look like the age of 16. However, based upon Genetic Analysis, you're confirmed at the age of 29."

Dwain was rather insulted by what the droid had told him. Although, Dwain sensed that the Droid was under repair.

"Alright, get me some Jurly Juice then!"

The droid poured him a cup of strange, green liquid. Dwain drank a cupple of gulps.
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