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Red Power Bricks LSW2006
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In each level hides a secret Red Power Brick. There are 18 in total and these
things unlock more Extras to buy at the Mos Eisley Cantina. You must get all
of these Red Power Bricks and buy all the Extras to get 100%. Here's how to
get them and what they unlock at the bar. See the Unlockables/Extras section
for detail on what the Red Power Brick Extras do.

-Red Power Brick 1: Secret Plans-

Use the Bounty Hunter Door to reach a hallway. Keep going through until you
reach a shower area. Use the Force on the closest shower on the right to make
plants appear. Destroy them to make the brick appear.

Unlocks: Super Blasters

-Red Power Brick 2: Through the Jundland Wastes-

After the start go right. There are some shiny objects. Hover over and blow
them up with thermal detonators. Use the boxes on the right to reach the mine
cart. Push it and it will roll down and blow up part of the wall, revealing
the brick.

Unlocks: Fast Force

-Red Power Brick 3: Mos Eisley Spaceport-

After you go through the large door at the end of the first area, Force the
4 bins on the left. Force them again to get the pieces inside. Use them to
build the door.

Unlocks: Super lightsabers

-Red Power Brick 4: Rescue the Princess-

When you are taking the normal path, the one Ben Kenobi didn't take, you will
come across a R2 door. Go in and Hover over to the left. Grapple up to get the

Unlocks: Tractor Beam

-Red Power Brick 5: Death Star Escape-

After you leave the garbage room at the beginning, access the 3PO panel. Go in
and build the fridge. Use the Force to open it and get the brick.

Unlocks: Invincibility

-Red Power Brick 6: Rebel Attack-

At the end of the Death Star trench, go to the back. There will be a gap in
the wall on the right. The brick is in there.

Unlocks: Score X2

-Red Power Brick 7: Hoth Battle-

Go through the second Imperial gate and through the tunnel. Use a bomb on the
far wall to reach it.

Unlocks: Self Destruct

-Red Power Brick 8: Escape From Echo Base-

Before the hangar, Force the panels to make steps on the left. Go up and use
R2 on the panel. Pull the lever to start a slot machine and raise the gate to
reach it in the hangar. The other lever will release a minikit.

Unlocks: Fast Build

-Red Power Brick 9: Falcon Flight-

At the start, go to the back right Star Destroyer. The brick is at the back of
the ship.

Unlocks: Score X4

-Red Power Brick 10: Dagobah-

Use the Force on the black plants at the start. Keep going until you reach the
race track.Break the box and use the pieces to make a tractor. Drive it over
all the red spots to make the brick appear.

Unlocks: Regenerate Hearts

-Red Power Brick 11: Cloud City Trap-

Look behind your X-wing at the start.

Unlocks: Minikit Detectors

-Red Power Brick 12: Betrayl Over Bespin-

Free Play only. Slave 1 doesn't go anywhere so jump on top and get the brick.

Unlocks: Score X6

-Red Power Brick 13: Jabba's Palace-

In the room that you find Luke and he joins you, go to the right. Go up and
push the box onto the button that holds a grapple point.

Unlocks: Super Zapper

-Red Power Brick 14: The Great Pit of Carkoon-

On the barge near the end of the level, break the box and build the grapple
point. Grapple up and hover over to the brick.

Unlocks: Bounty Hunter Rockets

-Red Power Brick 15: Speeder Showdown-

At the end, push the box on the left into the wall and crawl in.

Unlocks: Score X8

-Red Power Brick 16: The Battle of Endor-

In the bunker, go into the room on the left. Use the Force on the red things
in the floor and use the Stormtrooper panel. Destroy the stuff on the right.
Push the box into the hole in the wall.

Unlocks: Super Ewok Catapult

-Red Power Brick 17: Jedi Destiny-

Use the Force on the 8 red lights above the Emperor's throne quickly. The
brick will appear.

Unlocks: Infinite Torpedos

-Red Power Brick 18: Into the Death Star-

Use torpedos on the targets in the core over to the left. The brick will be

Unlocks: Score X10

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