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"No you dont." Said Natalie as she winked at dwain and finished up and headed outside to the residential areas.

"ey... you! I remember ya!" Said a sleezy looking drunk with a pretty powerful pistol in his hand.
"I remember you....." Said Natalie, remembering back to her TSF days when she once dealt with a group of shady looking people.
Suddenly 8 more thugs stepped out of the shadows with grins on their faces. Her hand fell to her blaster as she backed away slowly.
"Lets ice this slag!" Shouted the man as him and his lackeys fired at her.
She Immidietly dropped a thug with a deadeye shot and sprinted off, lasers flashing behind her.
'Where the hell are the TSF?!?!? Or the crew?!?!' She thought as she danced past shot after shot and dived into a empty room, she started to fire shot after shot at the approaching group but they were starting to overwhelm her with fire and numbers......
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